Bullwhip with 16 inch handle

Bullwhip with 16 inch handle

Last night I started work on a bullwhip with a 16 inch handle.  I used a 16 inch fibreglass handle foundation that I got from David Morgan.

fibreglass bullwhip handle

Compared to the tradtional spike, these are very light.  The main reason that I picked this fibre glass handle for this bulwhip is that I’m planning on doing the handle as 24 plait and wanted a longer handle to do more patterns on.   The fibreglass handle is hollow, so I filled it with lead shot to add a bit of weight to it.

Also the from my expereince in the past it’s hard to get the core nice and tight around this handle because it’s thin.  So I put a bit of glue on the handle then wrapped the core with sinew very tightly.  Hopefully that will give me a very firm foundation to put everything on top of.

The fibreglass foundation also tapers a bit, so I split my core to be a bit thinner at the butt and thicker towards the transition.  I also plan on doing that with the bolsters so that when the overlay goes on the handle won’t taper.

bullwhip core

I could leave a bit of taper to the handle, but since I’m planning on a 24 plait handle with some patterns, I don’t want to deal with having to taper the strands.  Also because this handle is thinner than a spike handle foundation, I’m plaiting the bellies over the handle.  That will bulk it up a bit giving me more surface area on the finished whip…and my 24 plait strands will be a bit thicker and easier to work with.

bullwhip with 16 inch handle

Later today I’ll probably cut out and attach the inner bolster.


3 thoughts on “Bullwhip with 16 inch handle

  1. Could you have also used a smaller steel rod, like what Bernie uses? Or is there some other reason for the fiberglass rod?


    1. I could use a steel rod, but there are a couple reasons why I like the fiberglass or carbon fiber rods. The main thing is that they are much easier to customize the size. I can get a 3or 4 foot carbon fiber rod and cut it to size with a hacksaw. Or I can use the 16 inch ones that David Morgan sells. I don’t have a good way to cut a steel rod at home.

      Also I’ve always had a hard time getting the whip securely fastened to just a steel rod (that’s thinner than a 3/8 spike). If I try a steel rod again, I would probably use a file an cut some grooves or make some texture on the rod to improve the core’s grip.

      Most of the whips that I’ve seen that were built on a thin metal rod have a lot of wiggle to the handle…that’s not good.


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