12 foot bullwhip

12 foot bullwhip


A few nights ago I finished a 12 foot 12 plait kangaroo bullwhip.  In this bullwhip I’ve changed the taper of it a little bit to give me a slightly heavier thong from the 6 foot mark to the point of the bullwhip.  
I’m not sure why I took pictures of the handle, but here’s the inside of the handle:
bullwhip handle foundatin
And here’s the handle with the overlay being plaited:
bullwhip handle

This bullwhip was made with the Indiana Jones (David Morgan) look, but it has a 10 inch handle instead of an 8 inch handle.  

When I was tying the knot of this bullwhip I remembered something that I used to do, but for some reason (that I don’t know) stopped.  I got the knot wet then rolled it between two boards (thanks Franco for that tip!)  and it gave me a very good looking knot.  

12 foot 12 plait kangaroo bullwhip

There are a couple of things about this bullwhip that I’m proud of.  I’m most proud of my 8 plait to 6 plait drop/transition.  Many bullwhips have a bit of a kink at the 8 to 6 plait drop, but this bullwhip doesn’t have a kink.  I’ve done a couple things using tips from many whipmakers and it’s all finally come together to give me a smoother coil at that point.  

I still need to shellac this bullwhip before it’s finished.

My next project is going to be cutting out some more falls and making some more budget bullwhips.  I have a side of oil tanned leather that I picked up.  I’ve made a 6 foot snake whip out of it and it’s a good strong leather, so I’m excited to make a bullwhip out of it.