Three Whips Shellac’d!

Three Whips Shellac’d!

My bruised rib is feeling a bit better, but rolling the pair of four foot whips was very painful.  I didn’t want them to sit almost finished while I started a new project.    I also shellac’d a signal whip that I had forgotten to shellac a while ago.  

Here’s the signal whip:

Signal whip 42inch

This signal whip has a shot loaded belly and has a nice weight to it.  It measures approx. 42 inches from the butt to the end of the braiding and has a 16 plait “whiskey” colored kangaroo overlay.

4 Foot Matched Pair of Bullwhips

This pair of 4 foot 12 plait bullwhips are made from Saddle Tan and Whiskey colored kangaroo. They are made with 9 strands of one color and 3 of the other color.  

I also split down every strand so they are the same thickness.   Here are pictures of the two whips individually.

4 foot whip  #1
(Whiskey with Saddle Tan)

bullwhip 4 foot two tone


bullwhip handle picture


Bullwhip thong pictures

4 foot whip # 2
(Saddle Tan with Whiskey)




bull whip 4 foot two tone kangaroo


bull whip thong close up picture


bull whip handle

Both Bullwhips

matched pair of 4 foot bull whips
bull whips pair

I’ve given all of these bullwhips a few throws in my living room and the crack well.  I can’t take them outside because there’s stilll about 4 inches of snow and it’s raining!  

P.S. All three of these bullwhips are available for sale on my IN STOCK whip page.