Scrap Kangaroo and Cow Leather

Scrap Kangaroo and Cow Leather Image

I’m cleaning up my office and I realized that I’ve got tons of scrap kangaroo and cowhide leather kicking around.

The pieces are in all shapes from and sizes. There’s a ton of lace, which would be perfect for small braided goods like key chains. In fact that’s how I used to use up my lace: making keychains, miniature bullwhips, etc

I’ll never use the amount of scrap I have because I generate a lot more than what I use. This is a great chance to get some kangaroo corners, lace and cowhide corners and lace. So here’s what I’m offering for $10.00 shipping and handling I’ll fill a 9 X 12 manila envelope full of kangaroo and leather scrap. That’s it, a flat $10.00, so if you’ve ever thought of braiding or maybe just need a bit of lace.

For this deal I can’t guarantee you’ll get any specific colors, shapes, lengths of lace, etc. I’m just grabbing handfuls and putting it into an envelope. This is limited to the amount of scrap I have and is available on a first come first served basis

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