Plaited Sting Ray Barb Letter Opener

Plaited Sting Ray Barb Letter Opener

A  couple of nights ago I made a little letter opener that has a plaited handgrip and a sting ray barb for the “blade”.  This was inspired by this project:

Here’s what I ended up making:

kangaroo plaited letter opener

There are a few differences between my finished project and the one above, however the main one is that I removed the “barbs” from the sting ray barb.  This for me was purely a safety issue, the guy who I got the sting ray barb from sent me a long email warning me about how nasty getting one of them in your hand can be.  I didn’t want anyone to accidentally stab themselves with a barb while opening the cable bill!

Also the plaited hand grip was achieved not by braiding in the traditional whip making sense.  It’s actually tied like a turks head.  For me that was a fun challenge because I don’t do long knots very often.  The know is a 6 bight knot and I didn’t count the parts before I put the turks heads on the ends, so I don’t now the number of parts.  However I do know that it’s be a 24 plait if I was counting like it was braided.

sting ray letter opener

For me covering it with lace tied as a knot took a lot longer than if I were to plait over it, however I was making this for fun, not to see how fast I could make it!

Plaited letter opener

The overall length is a hair shorter than 11 inches with the sting ray barb being about 5 inches.

If you are interested in this 24 Plait Kangaroo Sting Ray Barb Letter Opener visit:

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