More Thinking About Falls…

More Thinking About Falls…

Lately I’ve been thinking about bullwhip falls and today in between shows I was rereading part of David Morgan’s Whips and Whipmaking.  In the part of his book about the thong of the bullwhip he talking about the appropriate type of fall and fall hitch for a bullwhip.  One thing he says is that you want the thinnest fall hitch as possible so that it doesn’t affect the taper of the whip.

That go me thinking about the bullwhips with the “Texas Style” falls and how they can’t be very areodynamic.  Going from the thinner point of the whip to a wider fall can’t be very efficiant for increasing the speed of the whip when cracking.  I guess that’s why most makers use the australian style falls.

Below is an example of a Texas style fall.

bullwhip fall

All that got me thinking more and more about other things like cracker attachment, but I’ll save that discussion for another day.