Economy Signal Whip and a Unique Bullwhip

Economy Signal Whip and a Unique Bullwhip

I was looking at what was left of a side of veg tanned cowhide that I had kicking around and realized it was just big enough to make a few signal whips.  So yesterday I made some shot bags and plaited up one of the signal whips (it still needs a turkshead):

signal whip

This Economy Signal Whip is 4 plait and four feet long.  I just gave it a few cracks in my living room and it’s got a great crack!

I’m trying to come up with interesting whip related content right now because I’m keeping all the updates for the current bullwhip that I’m working on for the Choose Your Own Bullwhip ebay auction exclusively on the auction listing.  You can view this whip’s progress at:

Here’s a video of a very unique bullwhip, it’s used by Mel B of the Spice Girls:

I had the same idea of putting a mic in a bullwhip while ago and I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t do it because it had already been done!

You can also see her rockin’ a bullwhip on Dancing with the Stars.  It’s at the 3:13 mark: