Cyber Monday Bullwhip Deals!

Cyber Monday Bullwhip Deals!

Today I’m having a ONE DAY SALE!  From now until midnight tonight you’ll save a ton on whips and whip accessories!

bullwhips sale
Today you’ll save:

20% off in stock whips

10% off made to order whips

20% off whip accessories 

10% off whip DVD’s

25% off the Bullwhip Making For Beginners ebook

10% off the Make Your Own Stock Whip Kit

These discounts apply to NEW orders only and if you are ordering a custom whip it will arrive by Christmas (when delivered in the USA).


Bullwhip Sale!

Bullwhip Sale!

This weekend I’m having a bullwhip sales!  They say Memorial Day Weekend is the “unofficial start to summer”, it’s also the Unofficial Start to Whip Cracking Season!  

From night now until I wake up on Tuesday morning (5/28/13) all:

In Stock Whips are 20% off

Made to Order Bullwhips are 15% off

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new whip this is a great chance to save a few bucks!


12-12-12 12%off Whip Sale!

12-12-12 12%off Whip Sale!

Today is one of those fun dates 12-12-12 and for fun I’m offering anything in stock at 12% off.  That’s all in stock:

This sale is good from now until I wake up in the morning tomorrow (12/13/12).  Also all in stock orders placed during this 12% off sale for delivery in the USA will get Guaranteed Christmas Delivery!  If you order during this sale your order will arrive by Christmas or I’ll refund 100% of the shipping charges!


Bullwhip Sale!

Bullwhip Sale!

This weekend I’m having a sale on Made To Order Bullwhips.  I classify a “Made To Order Bullwhip” as one that hasn’t been built yet.  If you order one of these bullwhips now through Tuesday morning (11/27/12) you’ll save 20% off the base price of any Made To Order bullwhip!

bullwhips for sale

If you order during this sale I your order will be finished and be delivered by Christmas.  This is a great deal if someone you know is looking for a bullwhip!  To see what I options I offer in Made To Order Bullwhips visit:

This sale will end Tuesday 11/27/12 when I get up in the morning and return the prices to normal…so order now!


June 17th Father’s Day Sale – 17% off!

June 17th Father’s Day Sale – 17% off!

Today is June 17th, it’s Father’s Day and more importantly it’s my birthday.  Because it’s a doubly special day I’m having a sale on all IN STOCK whips!  All IN STOCK whips are 17% off!

Currently I’m on the road performing until Tuesday  and I’ll keep this sale going until I get home the night of 6/19/12, so order a whip now and save a ton!

To view what I have IN STOCK and ready to ship out visit:


Kip vs. Roo as a whip making material for beginniners

Kip vs. Roo as a whip making material for beginniners

I recently got an email from someone that ordered my Bullwhip Making For The Beginner ebook.  He mentioned that he was going to start making a whip out of kip instead of kangaroo because it’s a cheaper material.  This is a thought that a lot of beginning whip makers have.

Personally I’m 100% against using kip/calf (for beginners) when it comes to making most whips.  The only exception is 4 plait work because on a 4 plait whip you still have wide lace even at the point greatly reducing breakage while braiding.   Also at 4 plait you aren’t dropping any strands, only tapering them.

Here are some things to consider, in my opinion:

  • Cow leather is typically thicker than kangaroo so learning strand drops can get tricky when you are trying to drop strands.
  • Cow leather is harder to pare/bevel than kangaroo is.
  • Cow leather is harder to hand cut than kangaroo is.
  • Kangaroo stretches better and holds its stretch better than other leathers like goat.
  • Kangaroo is easy to find that’s “drum stuffed” where I’ve personally never found veg tanned drum stuffed cow.
  • Kangaroo is stronger than cow leather.
  • Cow leather dulls my blades much faster than kangaroo, so you’ll spend more time changing blades or sharpening them.
  • A side of cow has a lot of waste that you’ll  have to cut off and throw away, where if you properly use kangaroo  you have a lot less waste.
  • Kangaroo is typically thinner than cow so you won’t have to split the leather if you want to do two bellies and two bolsters in your whip and not have the handle super thick!
  • A side of cow starts around 15 square feet (kip) but the average side is 20+ square feet.  That means you’re stuck making a lot of whips with that side, where kangaroo is usually 5-7 square feet or exactly enough for one whip.

Personally I think everyone who is thinking of using cow to make a 8 plait or higher plait whip out of cow leather should look a the picture in Braiding Fine Leather by David Morgan where he shows all the good and bad parts on a side of cow.  You’ll see how much stuff you have to cut out to get to the good part!  Sure you could use the less desirable parts for bellies, but for a beginner to look at a side of leather and know how many bellies to cut out the bad part and about how long or how many whips the good part will yield is unrealistic.

However with a kangaroo skin they almost seem to be made to make bullwhips out of.  Cutting out two bellies almost exactly uses up the stretch parts leaving you with the prime skin for the overlays!

In the interest in full disclosure I’m going to mention that I made a lot of 12 plait bullwhips out of cow when I first started.  Look at the early posts in this blog and you’ll see them.  Knowing what I know now I wish I hadn’t made as  many whips in cow leather when I first started out.

Keep in mind there is no right or wrong material to start making whips out of.  This is just my opinion based on my experience.  

Now for a little tip if you are going to make a whip out of cow instead of kangaroo.  When I make whips from cow leather I generally don’t make them with two bellies and two bolsters.  The thickness of the leather give you a hefty handle that I don’t like, I’d go with one plaited belly and one bolster.

Hope that helps!

Stock Whip Kit Sale Ends Soon!

I’m finishing cutting out the last of the current orders for the Make Your Own Stock Whip Kits plus two extra kits for me to have a couple on hand.  I’ll have them all finished sometime this afternoon, and once I’m finished I’m going to end the $10 off sale, so if you’ve thought about trying your hand at braiding a whip now’s the chance to get a great deal on a Make Your Own Stock Whip Kit.

To order visit:


Make Your Own Stock Whip Kit

Make Your Own Stock Whip Kit

Recently I put together a Stock Whip Kit that comes with precut leather so that a beginner can make their own stock whip.  I really haven’t promoted it yet, and have already sold a bunch of them!   This provides you with all the materials you need to make your own stock whip along with a DVD that teaches you how to plait it and put it all together!

stock whip kit

Here’s the “trailer” for the Stock Whip Kit:

Included in this Stock Whip Kit are:

  1. DVD
  2. Belly (with core attached)
  3. Overlay
  4. Grease
  5. Cane Stock
  6. Keeper
  7. Keeper Lashing String
  8. Loop (for finishing keeper lashing)
  9. Lace for handgrip
  10. Artificial Sinew (for tying off handle plaiting)
  11. Knot Foundation
  12. Tacks
  13. Lace for turkshead
  14. Cracker
  15. Fall

I’ve got these in stock and for sale at $70 plus shipping.  However I’m out of town from 1/28/12 to 2/8/12, so if you order during that time you’ll have to wait until 2/9/12 for me to ship it.  Because you’ll have to wait for me to get home before I can ship I’m going to knock 15% off of the Stock Whip Kits while I’m away!  That means you can get your own Stock Whip Kit for only $59.50 plus shipping.  This is a killer deal and only lasts until I get back home on 2/8/12 after that they go back up to $70.

For more information or to order your Stock Whip Kit visit:


Friday the 13th Whip Sale!

Friday the 13th Whip Sale!

Today is Friday the 13th which is considered to be an unlucky day…but if you are shopping for a whip it just might be your lucky day!  From today 1/13/12 until midnight on Sunday 1/15/12 all IN STOCK whips are 13% off!  This sale is limited to stock on hand and it’s first come first served.

Here are a couple of examples of deals you can get today:

4 Foot Signal Whip

Regular price:  $145Sale price: $126.15 Click here for more info on this Signal Whip!


6.5 foot 16 plait Bullwhip

Regular price: 525.00
Sale price: $456.75
Click here for more information!


To view what I currently  have IN STOCK and on sale click here!

Bullwhip on ebay!

Bullwhip on ebay!

Yesterday I listed the 16 plait kangaroo bullwhip on ebay.  I figured it would make a great last minute Christmas present for someone (or yourself).  I did a shorter auction so that it ends in time for it to be delivered in the USA by Christmas.

Click here to view the auction!

Normally this bullwhip would sell for $490, but during this auction the opening bid is only $325 and the “Buy It Now” is $425.  This is a great chance to get a sweet deal on this bullwhip.

Also from now until Tuesday 12/20/11 at 1pm all of the whips on my IN STOCK whips page are 10% off.


Matched Pair of Bullwhip Pictures…

Matched Pair of Bullwhip Pictures…

The matched pair of bullwhips I was working on have been finished and someone has already bought them, so they are gone…but here are pictures of them being finished (knots and wrist loop).

First I made the foundations for the knots with waxed string and tie the knots over them.

One finished knot and one knot foundation

One thing about trying to get the “Indiana Jones” look to the bullwhip is to not have too much of a foundation…but not have the knots flat either.

Bull whip handle

The two knots came out pretty even is size, shape and location. I was happy with them!  Next up was making wrist loops.

wrist loops

I was on the fence about making these bullwhips with wrist loops and my main deciding factor was that I had enough scrap from these bullwhips to make the without cutting new strands.   After I made the wrist loops it was time to work on  the heel knots.


This is the part of making a pair of bullwhips that really stresses me out.  Because I mainly build up my turkshead with thick waxed string I really have to pay attention to the amount I put on each whip.  I think that they turned out pretty close!


And here’s the finished whips:

matched pair of bullwhips

bull whips

I think they turned out pretty nice as a pair!

My next project is working on a two ton signal whip using up a few kangaroo skin centers that I have kicking around.

P.S. Don’t Forget I’m having a 20% off sale on all IN STOCK whips.   The person that bought the matched pair above saved over $170 on the pair of whips and you can save to! Simply go to and  place an order!