Bullwhip, Bosal and Bracelet…

Bullwhip, Bosal and Bracelet…

Lately I’ve been busy around the “shop” working on plaiting projects.  My current bullwhip project is an 8 foot, 12 plait bullwhip.  For this bullwhip I didn’t have a natural tan skin in stock that was big enough, so the inner belly was made from a whiskey colored roo skin and other belly and overlay is from the natural tan skin:


I probably could have gotten the whole whip from the natural tan skin, I like to  have my skins for an 8 foot  at about 62dm and this one was 59dm.  I really didn’t want to run out of kangaroo a few inches short of an 8 foot whip.

Here are the cut out bellies:

bull whips

The whiskey skin was 56dm, and I think I might use the leftover for a 5 foot 8 plait bullwhip.  Here’s the 8 foot bullwhip as it is right now (with both bellies and bolsters completed):

how to make a bullwhip

And here’s the 12 plait overlay that has been stretched and split, but still needs to be pared:

12 plait bullwhip

I should be able to get the paring finished and plaiting started later today…depending on how I feel, I’ve got a bit of a cold and have to fake my way through a gig this afternoon.

Also a few months ago I started work on a 24 plait bosal and did a bit of work here and there.  Well it’s finally finsihed:

24 plait bosal
24 plait bosal

And the other  night I did some messing around with doing a ridge plait:

14 plait bracelet

This bracelet was interesting, it’s 6 plait at the loop, then 14 plait at the main body and 12 plait at the end with the turkshead.

plaited bracelet