Cracker Holder/Organizer

Cracker Holder/Organizer


Yesterday I was cleaning out the pocket of my whipbag and was amazed at how messy the pocket was.  In this pocket I carry a small container of dressing, a fid, fall, crackers, and small knife.  

Usually I throw a handfull of crackers in there and when it starts getting empty I throw another handfull in.  It can be hard to find things in the pocket with the crackers everywhere, so I braided a little “Cracker Holder”.

These are 4 plait and made for kangaroo hide!  


Whip cracker holder

Here’s a close up picture of the Cracker Holder in its open position.


Close up of bullwhip cracker holder (open)

You thread your crackers over the loop (the 12 o’clock postition in the picture) then close it by putting the turkshead through the loop.


Bull whip popper holder (closed)

This makes finding things in my whipbag much easier if all my crackers are attached.  

If you are interested in a Bullwhip Cracker Holder they are available in the “Bullwhip Accessories” page for $9.00 with shipping included.  I’ll also throw in a couple of crackers for FREE!!