Kangaroo Skin!

Kangaroo Skin!

I recently remembered a source I have locally for kangaroo skins.  They only have a couple in stock and they’ve had the same skins for years.  These skins were expensive at $22.69 a square foot and that’s the price they’ve been at for several years.  Lucky for me I remember this place had them and I bought them all them out and got them for $18 a square foot.

These are nice clear skins from packer and all are in the upper 70dm size range.  It’s funny when they first got them in stock and priced them at $22.69 I thought that was insanely expensive (at the time I was paying in the ballpark of $11-$13 a square foot) and back then I wouldn’t believe that now I’d be excited to pay $18 a square foot for them!

Here’s one of them:

veg tanned kangaroo skin

These kangaroo skins are a great size, shape and thickness for making Indy style bullwhips! This particular skin’s thickness is in the 1.25 mm range.  David Morgan used to sell skins this thick, but no longer does and I’m exciting to have some again!