Signal Whip / Single Tail Whip

Signal Whip / Single Tail Whip

For fun I made a 3 1/2 foot signal whip (aka single tail whip).

single tail whip

This is made from 12 plait kangaroo with a shot loaded core.  I put a loop at the end so that the cracker is easy to change.

signal whip

This is my first signal whip that I’ve made with a loop for the cracker to attach to, instead of a cracker that’s braided to the whip.  The advantage of the loop is that it makes changing a cracker easier for the user.

This whip is currently listed for sale on my IN STOCK whips page. 


Falls and Crackers

Falls and Crackers

Yesterday I shipped out some crackers and a fall as part of an order and that cleared out my stock of nylon crackers and whitehide falls. So I whipped up a batch of both of them.  Here are the nylon crackers:

bull whip crackers


and here are the whitehide falls:

bull whip falls


I also noticed I have one red latigo fall left, so I need to cut more of them up soon!


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