Kangaroo Day!!

Kangaroo Day!!

Yesterday I was expecting a shipment of Kangaroo from FedEx. Yesterday they stopped by but delivered some other packages, but no kangaroo. Then later that evening (about 8pm) I happened to go outside and when I opened the door there was a nice surprise waiting for me!

Kangaroo for bullwhips

I had seven veg tanned drum stuffed kangaroo hides (by Packer) come in.   In the shipment were three natural:

Bullwhip natural tan

The three natural tan kangaroo skins aren’t for bullwhips, they are for another braiding project (that’s top secret).

I also had a Whiskey colored kangaroo skin:

bullwhip whiskey kangaroo

A Saddle Tan kangaroo skin:

Saddle Tan Bullwhip kangaroo

And two Red kangaroo skins:

Red Kangaroo skin for bullwhips

I’ve never had Drum Stuffed kangaroo in the color red before.  I’ve had dry kangaroo skins in red before…I’m very excited to get to work with this  stuff!    My original plan with them was to make a pair of 6 foot bullwhips.  I figured they’d be in the mid 50dm size, but these are 64dm each!  So I could easily get an 8 foot bullwhip out of each kangaroo skin.  I might still do the pair of 6 foot bullwhips and use the leftover for signal whips.


8 foot Bullwhip Almost Finished…

8 foot Bullwhip Almost Finished…

Today I got some work in on an 8 foot KotCS style bullwhip. I finished up the overlay, plaited and attached the wrist loop, tied the knots and rolled everything. So all that is left is for me to shellac it and it’s finished!

12 plait bullwhip

Above is the bullwhip before rolling it and bellow is after it’s first roll (right now I roll my whips twice).

12 plait bullwhip for whip cracking

Below is the bullwhip with the wristloop attached.

8 foot bullwhip

I haven’t taken any pictures of the whip with the knots on it yet.  I’ll try to remember to take the pictures before and after the shellacing.

My next project is another 8 foot KotCS bullwhip.  I should be starting to cut up the hide for that either later tonight or tomorrow.  Here are my last two hides before my next shipment arrives…hopefully Wed or Thurs of next week.

Kangaroo for bullwhip making

Kangaroo for bullwhip making

I’ve done a few forward throws with the 8 foot bullwhip on my deck and that bullwhip’s got one heck of a crack!


Huge Kangaroo Hide…

Huge Kangaroo Hide…

Yesterday I picked up a Veg Tanned Drum Stuffed Kangaroo hide from David Morgan.  This kangaroo hide was huge, it’s 92 decimeters!

kangaroo hide for whipmaking

I used this hide for the two bellies and 1/2 of the overlay for the bullwhip kit that I made for someone.  with a bit of luck there will be enough left for a 10 foot bullwhip…there’s at least enough left for an 8 foot.

Speaking of a 10 foot whip, today I’m going to start plaiting the overlay of the 10 foot KotCS style bullwhip.  I’m figuring that will take a couple of hours to do.

I haven’t found a good way to keep the lace from tangling while plaiting longer whips.  I’ve tried tying the ends in “Tamales” as Bruce Grant calls them in his book, but I find those just make the problem worse.  Right now I’m plaiting the overlay and every so often I just pull the strands out one at a time to untangle them.  It works, but I bet there’s a better way…but maybe not.