Visiting Midwest Whips!

Visiting Midwest Whips!

Recently I was performing about 90 minutes away from where Midwest Whips is located.  Where I live is about 15 hours away, so I jumped at the chance to visit my old friend Paul Nolan!

paul nolan

Paul showed me on of his Little Snapper whips and they are really cool!

little snapper whip

The Little Snappers are small whips that will fit in your back pocket and actually crack! ¬†Here’s a quick video of Todd Rex using one:

Here’s a video of Paul teaching someone to crack a whip using one of the Little Snappers:

At $75 these are a great deal on a really cool and portable whip. I wish I had thought of it…but I didn’t, so order one from Paul!

I also picked up a kangaroo skin from him

veg tanned kangaroo

I had a fun trip to LA, now it’s back home and back to plaiting!