Finished 5 foot Bullwhip

Finished 5 foot Bullwhip

I finished the 5 foot bullwhip and shipped it out to its new owner a couple of days ago, I just haven’t had time to post a picture of it yet.

Bull whip

I was dumping rain when I finished this bullwhip, so instead of taking it to the park I got to do some cracking in my living room!

Also it’s getting closer to Halloween, so these whips are popping up:

cheap bullwhip
This is one of the uber junky whips that costume stores sell this time of year.  I wonder how many people smack themselves in the face with these trying to “dish rag” crack them?  If you are a whip person, you know these aren’t good whips.  If you aren’t a whip person and thinking of getting one of these usually they are around $20, simply take that $20 and burn it, it’ll be more exciting watching it burn than the enjoyment you’d get out of one of these whips.