Riding Crop

Riding Crop

When I was on my road trip I found a Riding Crop at a junk shop. It’s 4 plait with a steel lined cane core.

Riding crop

This riding crop when I found it was severely dried out and missing the heel knot.

Jockey whip

The wrist loop is about to fall off.

riding crop

The slapper is securely attached.

When I got home yesterday I gave it a few coats of leather dressing and the riding crop drank it right up.  It’s amazing at what a difference some dressing made:

riding crop
riding crop

I’m trying to decide how much I want to fix it up.  I could probably get away with just putting on a heel knot and calling it done.   However it really needs a new wrist loop, which will mean another new knot.  Once I have those two new knots, they’ll be a lot darker than the rest of this whip (it’s dyed black)…so then do I go ahead and redye it?

Rawhide Pics

I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of the hair on rawhide that I picked up.  Here it is:


I’m exciting to soak it and start stretching it, but that’s something that needs to happen outside and it’s supposed to rain off and on for the next week, so I’ll have to wait.

8 Foot Indy Bullwhip Progress

Yesterday I finished the overlay of the 8 foot Indy Bullwhip that I’ve been working on.


I also tied the wrist loop and finished the ring knot.   All that’s left is to make the heel knot foundation, attach the wrist loop, tie the heel knot and shellac the whip.

This bullwhip should be able to ship out by the end of the day!