Plaiting Soap

Plaiting Soap

I’m running low on plaiting soap, so I picked up a few ingredients at the store today:

Plaiting soap

If you’ve never made plaiting soap to lubricate the strands of lace while making a whip it’s pretty easy.  I have a container that I fill with water and dump into a stock pot.  I have no idea how much water it holds, it’s pretty much the unit of measurement I’ve used ever since I started to customize David Morgan’s plaiting soap recipe for what I liked.  I start heating that up and then I cut up about half of the box of lard and toss it into the stock pot.  Then I take three bars of the Ivory soap and grate it in to the stock pot.  I let it boil until everything is melted occasionally hitting it with a hand mixer.

Finally I let it cool off, but every now and then I give it a quick stir with the hand mixer to keep it from separating. Once it’s a solid it’s good to go!

Choose Your Own Bullwhip Update

My Choose Your Own Bullwhip experiment on ebay is moving along.  I have the outer belly cut out and attached to the handle, you can see pics of this on the auction listing at  Today I’ll plait the outer belly and probably some time tomorrow I’ll cut out and attach the outer bolster.