Jacka Repair

Jacka Repair

I just had a Jacka bullwhip come in for a repair.  The bullwhip’s owner said a mouse had chewed through several strands on the lash of the bullwhip.   The bullwhip’s owner agreed to lashing over the damaged portion after being presented with several options to fix the strands.

For more info on lashing see David Morgan’s Book Whips and Whip Making.

Here’s the bullwhip after having the lashing applied:

Terry Jacka bullwhip

While lashing is something that you can visually see, I did some shopping around to try to find an appropriate waxed cord that was a close color match to the color of the lash of the bullwhip.  The waxed cord I found was a couple of shades darker brown than the lash of the whip, however it looks better than using the standard colors of white or black.

This bullwhips is off to its owner tomorrow.