Visit with David Morgan…

Visit with David Morgan…

It’s been a little while since I’ve visited David Morgan‘s shop, and yesterday I was in his area so I stopped by.  I had two shows one north of him and one south of him with an extra 30 minutes between them.  When I was doing my first show all I could think about was visiting him, showing him my current whip and the questions that I would ask him. 

The bullwhip that I showed hime was an 8 foot Indy bullwhip:



This bullwhip turned out really well, I liked how my strand drops turned out and the taper was great.  One thing I’ve learned is when I take a bullwhip to David Morgan, how he cracks it tells me if it’s good or bad.  If he cracks it a lot one way (the flick) then he’s trying to figure out how I can improve the weight.  If he cracks it using different cracks then I’ve passed the first test weight test and each crack he’s checking out the weight and taper differently.  

Yesterday he took the bullwhip gave it a few flicks, then some underhand cracks.  Then a Fast Figure Eight, some side arms, then a wierd crack when he rolls the whip on the floor and makes it crack. Finally he did a little three crack combination and handed me the whip back and said, “you’ve done very good”!  

Indiana jones style bullwhip

I about pooped my pants because usually he says “it’s good…but…”, then gives me things to work on. This time he just praised everything that I did right on the bullwhip!!!  That really made my day.


I wish I could keep this bullwhip, but it’s off to Italy today.

While I was visiting David we talked about bit about the balance (thong and handle weight) of a bullwhip.  There was an article in the APWA’s newletter about thong and handle weight that I didn’t agree with and asked David for his opinion on it.

The seams on my bullwhips are getting straighter (something I’ve very proud of, but can improve) and I asked David Morgan (and Joe Strain too) if having a wobbly seam affects how a bullwhip works.  They both said that a seam that isnt’ perfectly straight doesn’t, it just shows the whipmakers experience.  They both used almost the exact same words.  So I feel much better about my seams, but am trying to make them as straight as possible.  

New Board for Rolling

A few days ago I picked up a new board for rolling my bullwhips. Before I was using a piece of wood that was 1/2 by 3 inches, and that did an alright job, but when I put my weight into the board the wood bent a bit.  My new piece is 3 X 3 inches and I can really put my weight into it:


Bullwhip making

12 foot Bullwhip Set

I’m almost finished cutting out the set for a 12 foot 12 plait bullwhip in black kangaroo.  I’ve been doing a lot of cutting with my down time between shows when I’m away and can’t do any plaiting.  I’ve got the sets cut out for:

  • 8 foot Young Indy bullwhip
  • pair of 6 foot two tone bullwhips
  • 12 foot black bullwhip
  • 6 foot cowhide bullwhip
  • 6 foot cowhide Young Indy bullwhip
Once my performing schedule slows down (after Monday) I’m going to be doing a lot of plaiting!
I’ve got to get ready for my day, today is Halloween and it’s a busy day for me, 6 shows today!
12 foot bullwhip…

12 foot bullwhip…

Today I got some work in on a 12 foot Indy Bullwhip that I’ve been planning on making for myself for a long time.  I had cut out the set for this months ago and was just waiting for time to put the bullwhip together.  I don’t know if I will keep this whip for myself, but I am very curious how a 12 foot bullwhip cracks (which is why I’m making it).

This bullwhip also has a shot loaded core, which is something I’ve never done in a bullwhip.  I’ve shotloaded signal whips and snake whips, but not a bullwhip. So that was a fun little experiment.

Right now I have about 5 feet of the 12 feet of the overlay finished.  With a bit of luck I’ll find time tomorrow to crank out the rest of the overlay.

Before I went on vacation I spent some time at David Morgan‘s shop having my braiding technique fixed by David, Alex and Megan.  I’ve applied a lot of the tips that they’ve given me and my braid is much more consistant in tightness and my seam is much straighter!

Also Megan gave me a great tip on paring my falls, that will make paring the top left and bottom right side much easier and have a more consistant angle.


P.S. I still have an 8 foot 16 plait bullwhip and a sweet 4 foot 12 plait bullwhip for sale in the IN STOCK page of my blog: