20 plait bullwhip pics

20 plait bullwhip pics

This is the first bullwhip I’ve made in a while that I’m not proud of…it’s not a bad whip, but I’m not going to enter it into any contest either.  I did take it out and it cracks fine…so at least it’s got one thing going for it (the most important thing!).

This was my first attempt at a 20 plait bullwhip, so I’m not surprised that it’s not the prettiest thing ever.  I learned a lot making it, and the next one I do will look a lot cleaner.

20 plait bullwhip

I don’t know what happened with the seam, it should have been straighter…

20 plait bullwhip handle

The edge of the white kangaroo makes it look like there are gaps in the plaiting on the handle (there aren’t).  If I ever use white roo again, I’m going to pare both flesh sides so that I don’t have that problem.

bullwhip handle

I made the patterns by drawing them on a piece of paper, then tried to recreate it while plaiting.  Next time I’m going to write out the strands path, that way I’ll have all the thinking done before I get to the plaiting and things will be easier to follow.

When all is said and done with this whip, it’s not a horrible first try at a 20 plait whip…or 3rd try at doing plaited designs on a handle.

I think I’m going to list this bullwhip on ebay and see what it sells for.  It’s something that’d be hard to price because a 20 plait is a lot of work and I put a lot of time into it (compared to a 12 plait), but it’s not worth what I should be charging for it.

Now to redeem myself, here’s another whip that I finished a few days ago, but didn’t shellac until today:

12 plait bullwhip

This bullwhip is 12 plait in black roo

8 foot bull whip
bullwhip 12 plait thong


Girlie Bullwhip

Girlie Bullwhip

About a week ago my 5 year old daughter had asked me if I could make her a bullwhip, and I said yes.  I thought it would be a fun project and my original plan was to plait her name into the bullwhip handle.  I made the whip a 16 plait bullwhip and when I got her name finished I realized the letters were wider than the diameter of the bullwhip, so had to undo the handle an replait it with some patterns.

16 plait kangaroo bull whip
Bullwhip handle designs

I colored bullwhip purple and pink with an acrylic based leather paint.  If I ever do colors like this in the future I’ll try to find a DYE not paint to color the leather.  I’m skeptical as to how long the colors will last.

16 plait bullwhip with plaiting patterns

After making this bullwhip I’m very anxious to do some more plaiting patterns.  It was a lot of fun doing the patterns and right now I’m shellacing the bullwhip with 4 plaited bellies, then I have a 12 plait bullwhip to braid (it’s already cut out)…so when those are finished I’m planning on making a 20 or 24 plait whip with some patterns plaited on a 12 or 16 inch handle.

I’ll take some pictures of the bullwhip I’m shellacing a bit later and post them.



16 Plait Signal Whip

16 Plait Signal Whip

I’ve got another 16 plait signal whip finished.  It’s 42 inches long and I think finally I’m getting the hang of tying the cracker.   Yesterday I showed this signal whip to David Morgan, Meagan, and Will and they had some great imput on how I can tweak my design as far as weight distribution goes.  

Here’s a close up of the braided cracker.

Signal whip braided cracker


3 1/2 foot signal whip / single tail


Originally the butt knot wasn’t going to be two tone, but when I made this signal whip’s butt  knot the piece of lace was about 2 inches short!  So I untied the 2nd pass of the knot and redid it with natural tan.  I think the two colors look pretty cool.  

Here’s a video of me giving it a few throws in my living room:


I might make a 16 plait bullwhip with those two colors and do some fancy plaiting on the handle.   That’s another thing that Meagan put in my head; doing some fancy plaiting.  I really haven’t had much desire to do any, but it’s been stuck in my head.

Here’s a picture of my only other try at doing some fancy plaiting (I made this one in March 2008):


12 plait two tone whip

The whip above was made from a SUPER THICK kangaroo hide which looking back on it now probably wasn’t the best choice for a 4 foot bullwhip…live and learn.