Making a snake whip

Making a snake whip

Over the last couple of days I made a three foot 16 plait kangaroo snake whip.  Recently I’ve changed how I make my shot bags and I’m liking the results, they are a bit heavier and that weight goes just a tad further out.

how to make a snake whip

Here’s the overlay:


The customer wanted it in all black including the fall…that meant I had to dye the fall.  Here’s it before dying (you can see it after dying in the finished picture):

white hide fall

To dye it I gave it several coats of black leather dye and while it did a great job on the sides and flesh side it really didn’t do much to the grain side.  It beaded up and wouldn’t soak in.  So I remembered I had a jar of Edge Kote which is slightly different from leather dye, it’s more of a cover than a thing that penetrates.  I added a coat of Edge Kote and it did a great job of covering it.  If some of the edge coat does wear off, it’s still for the most part dyed underneath it.

Here’s the finished snake whip:

snake whip