Pocket Snake w/ sewn cover

Pocket Snake w/ sewn cover

Well today I did some more work on the snake whip with the sewn cover that I started a week ago.  the insides are all finished and I’m working on sewing the cover on:

pocket snake

Currently about 2/3 of the cover has been sewn.  Honestly I don’t know why anyone would make a whip with a sewn cover.  The sewing is killing my hands!  It’s a lot slower than just braiding the overlay.

However I can see a way to possibly make them faster.  I made this one with a leather shotbag, then a bolster.  If I didn’t use those and just filled the sewn cover with lead  you could probably bang these out pretty quickly…especially if you sew’d them with a sewing machine instead of by hand.   If it was made that way I don’t think you’d end up with as nice of a product, but it’d sure be quick and cheap to make!

Also the sewn cover would probably be a lot quicker to make if I used a different stitch than I’m currently using.  I used a stitch that looked clean, if I used a baseball type stitch I’d probably be done by now!