Garage Sale!

Garage Sale!

I’m cleaning out my shop and I’m selling a book set that I don’t use anymore.  It was helpful for me in learning to understand how to make turkshead knots and is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn to tie different types of knots.

Here’s what I’m selling:

turkshead cookbook

You get the Turkshead Cook Book Volume 1 and 2 along with a Knottool (tube style).  For mot details about this book set visit:

This is about an $80 value and it’s yours for only $50 shipped in the USA.  For delivery outside the USA change the Shipping option to “Outside the USA”   To order simply use the “Buy Now” button below!


This set was custom put together for me by the author.  Normally the Turkshead Cookbook kits come with a flat Knottool this one has a tube style Knottool.  I chose this type because it visually represented the end of a whip better than the flat Knottool.

Also this doesn’t come with string and needles, I used kangaroo lace (not included) that I had cut out with this book set.