5 Crack combination

5 Crack combination

Here’s a little five crack combination.   Here’s the breakdown:

1. Reverse underhand crack

2. forward flick

3. second half of a fast 8  (reverse flick immediately following the foward flick)

4. Forward underhand crack

5. Circus crack

After the circus crack you can immediately go back to the reverse underhand crack and repeat the whole combination.

Here’s a video of it:

One of the challenging things about this is that you really have to pay attention after the first crack and be ready for the forward flick. If you wait you long you’ll turn this 5 crack combination into a six crack combination.  What will happen is the whip will start a new hairpin turn after the first crack (reverse underhand) and will crack while it’s aligning itself up for the forward flick, adding an extra crack.   Personally I don’t like the extra crack, but you can put it in there to get some bonus noise.

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