8 plait bullwhip

8 plait bullwhip

Today I got some work in on an 8 plait bullwhip.

Bullwhip Plaited belly
Inner Plaited belly
Outer bolster

I have the overlay cut out and it just needs to have the strand prep done before I can do any plaiting.  Today is Wednesday and I don’t think there is anything good on TV tonight, so I might end up watching an episode of V on my laptop while I work on the overlay of this bullwhip.

Kangaroo Bosal (with rawhide core)

Here are a couple of pictures of the bosal that I made yesterday:


While this Bosal isn’t perfect I think it’s pretty good for a first try.  The next one will be better. I’d like to make a high plait count bosal in rawhide…eventually.

I also cut out some rawhide strips from a side of rawhide (cow):


Each coil is about 30 feet of rawhide and about 3/4 of an inch wide.  Rawhide is soo much work to get ready to work with it’s easier to do a lot of the prep all at once, then use it as necessary.  It takes the same amount of effort to case as strip of rawhide and  a whole side of rawhide…and it’s just a bit more effort to do the cut out 10 strips instead of just one.

I cut out about half of the side of rawhide that I had…I would have done the whole side, but my arm got tired!

I’m going to try to do a bullwhip with a rawhide core for some of these strips and the rest will be bosal cores or cores for other types of of plaited things.