10 foot Indy Bullwhips Pictures…

10 foot Indy Bullwhips Pictures…

I just finished a 10 foot Morgan Style Indiana Jones Bullwhip:

Bullwhips indiana jones style for sale

Bullwhips for sale

I’m really getting the hang of making my butt knots the right shape for the old school indy bullwhips.  It’s got the more “round” look to it.

This bullwhip is heading off to its new owner in South Carolina today!

Here’s a couple of pictures of me.  The first is me setting up my show in the greenroom at a club called The Fairhaven in Bellingham, WA:

Bullwhip performer

The next two were taken yesterday, I had some time between gigs, so I went to the park.

Bullwhip performer

I used to have to drive around to find a park, but my wife got me one of the Garmin GPS devices for Father’s Day and that thing tells me where the nearest parks are!!