The Devil is in the Details…

The Devil is in the Details…

One thing that I’m notice lately is what makes a good bullwhip a great bullwhip is the little things.  All the little things that a bullwhip maker does while constructing a bullwhip add up.  For example the  a little while ago I notice that if I pared the lace that I use on my turksheads the opposite way (top left and bottom right, instead of top right and bottom left) it would give me a tighter knot.  All the little things like that end up being the bullwhip maker’s style.

Right now I have three bullwhips in the works:

  • 18 inch 4 plait bullwhip: This bullwhip is finished except for shellac
  • 8 foot 16 plait bullwhip:  This bullwhip has a rawhide inner belly and has the 1st belly plaited.
  • 10 foot Indy Bullwhip:  This bullwhip has one belly plaited and the next belly and bolster cut out.

Also I’ve been learning a lot about rawhide lately.  One thing that I’ve learned is that I’ve been braiding with it too wet.  So I’ve been casing it and letting it air dry for a few hours before using.  I’ve been getting better results this way.

Once again what I love about making bullwhips is discovering things. For example just about everyone had told me that you get rawhide wet and braid it.  From what I’ve learned is you get the rawhide evenly damp (not wet) throughout the lace.  Now there’s not much difference between damp and wet, but the devil is in the details!

Today I have three shows one about 30 minutes from my house, then the next two are about 2 hours from the first show.  I’m hoping to find some time between shows to cut out  the overlay for the 10 foot Indy bullwhip.