10 foot bullwhip…

10 foot bullwhip…

I’ve started work on the overlay of a 10 foot 12 plait kangaroo bullwhip.  This bullwhips will be made from black kangaroo.  I’ve got about 2 feet of the whip braided.  Here’s a picture of about 2/3 of the finished handle:

bullwhip for sale

I also got my shipment of veg tanned goat hide in.  I orderd 4 hides and they are all about 5ish square feet.

veg tanned goat for bullwhip making

I’m hoping that they will braid well once I cut them up.  I’m planning on using them to make beginners bullwhips.  These will be a bit fancier than my previous  beginners bullwhips, as these will be 8 plait whips.