Whitehide Bullwhip…

Whitehide Bullwhip…

Right now I’m working on an experiment that I’ve been thinking about for about a year.  I’ve wanted to try to make a 4 plait bullwhip out of whitehide.  A lot of aussie whipmakers use whitehide to make durable stockwhips, so I figured why not a bullwhip?  About a year ago I talked to Joe Strain and asked if there was a reason why no one made a whitehide bullwhip, and he told me that he couldn’t think of a reason why you can’t make one from whitehide.

So I’ve had the idea in the back of my head for about a year.   I’ve had some latigo that’s fairly greasy, but the thing about whitehide is that it’s soo dry when you get it.   I had a side of 5-7 ounce whitehide come in yesterday and I out a 4 plait set for the bullwhip.

When I first tried to pare the strands (they were dry) it was almost impossible.  Then I gave them a coat of dubbin, and let it soak in and it was a bit easier to cut.  So I gave it a second coat of dubbin and it pared fairly well.

My next challenge was braiding it.  Braiding heavy leather is a pain the the butt and I did about 14 inches last night and wasn’t happy with how tight it was.  This morning I was surprised to see that the leather has tightened up overnight and my braiding was much tighter!

bullwhip in white hide

Hopefully today I will find the time to finish braiding it. It’s been a busy few days for me (as far as performing goes), but thing slow down a little bit on Tuesday.