Plaiting Goat Hide

Plaiting Goat Hide

My first attempt at an 8 plait Goat Hide overlay wasn’t successful, but I learned a lot!  For starters the whip ended up a bit too thin, so I added an additional bolster to thicken it up a tad.

Another (major) problem that I came across was how stretchy the goat is.  I have to cut the strands very wide to compensate for the stretch.  Also I broke several strands while trying to braid it.

One problem with my braiding that can be overcome is that I’m plaiting it like it’s kangaroo.  I need to pull a bit gentler…but the trade off is that the whip isn’t as tight.  I was thinking about that solution to breaking the strands last night and I can braid it fairly tight, but not as tight as a roo whip.  However when you consider that this is a cheaper bullwhip for someone starting out that wants to learn a few cracks, I think it’s alright.

Finished Goat Bullwhip!

Here’s the finished goat hide bullwhip:

bullwhip for beginners
bull whip
bullwhip picture

This 7 foot bullwhip was made with the Indiana Jones look to it.   I’ve got it listed for sale on my IN STOCK whips page.

I’m not sure how many more of these I’m going to make, I have enough goat hide for one or two more.  The problem with making an 8 plait is that it just takes too long to make and I’m trying to keep the price below $200.  I’m offering this first one for $165, the normal price will be $197.  I might try to make one in 4 plait and see how long that takes me to make.


8 foot Bullwhip

8 foot Bullwhip

Two days ago I got my flu shot, it’s been at least 15 years since I’ve gotten one.  The whole process took about 2 hour…about 10 minutes to fill out the forms, 2 minutes for the shot and the rest of the time I spent laying on the floor after I fainted!  

The nurse that gave me the shot told me it’s best for me to  use the arm they gave the shot in, so I finished the plaiting and knots on an 8 foot Indy bullwhip.  The turkshead on the butt didn’t turn out quite right the first time so I ended up redoing it.  


8 foot Indy Bullwhip


I’ve got a new source for polypro and I like the stuff I’m getting now more than the stuff I was using before.  It’s a little bit thinner and gives me a slightly lighter cracker.  You can see all the red polypro string on the right of the above picure.  It’s all measured and cut, it just needs to be tied.  

Young Indy Bullwhip

I’ve got the overlay cut out for the Young Indy Bullwhip that I’m making.  I’m going to plait the two bellies before I do any dying of the hide.  I’m very excited to do this because dying leather is something I don’t do very often.  From my previous leather dying experience it was a pain in the butt…but I’m looking forward to making this bullwhip.

Other Bullwhips in the Works

The other day I got a shipment of hides from Mike Murphy.  When I opened up the hides two of them were screaming “make us into a pair of six foot bullwhips!”  So I’m cutting out a pair of 6 foot bullwhips, one is in whiskey and one in natural tan.  I don’t know the pattern that I’l be using for it other than they will be two tone.  


bullwhip kangaroo lace

Once everthing is cut I’m going to split the hides down to the same thickness and start braiding.