Paracord Bullwhip

Paracord Bullwhip

I’ve never really had any desire to make whips out of paracord however the other day I was at the hardware store and they have some 550 parcord on sale.  I bought a enough of it to make a 6 foot whip.

Here’s my first try, it’s not as pretty as I’d like, but I was mainly testing out my design:



Here’s me giving it a few test cracks:

I was amazed at how well the whip cracked…however I’ve got a few tweaks to make on the design.

From what I’ve read or been told by paracord whip makers is that most paracord whips have a multiple belly construction with no traditional (leather style) bolsters.  I wanted my whip to act more like a leather bullwhip and so my construction method was a bit different.

I started by making a shotbag out of vinyl and attaching it to the handle.   Then I put a 4 plait vinyl belly over that and a vinyl bolster over the belly.  That gave me an internal weight similar to a bullwhip, however due to the diameter of my shot bag it was a bit heavier than I would have liked.  Then I put on the 16 plait overlay, in retrospect I should have made it an 18 plait whip, I’ve got some gaps in the plaiting because of this.  The main reason for sticking to 16 plait was that’s all the paracord I bought.

Here’s what I’ve learned about paracord and what I would do a bit differently next time:

1. Use the wider 650 paracord.

2. Wear some sort of gloves while braiding.

Here’s what I don’t like about paracord:

1. The paracord tells you what to do.  For example with leather I can make whip that is 8 plait the whole length of the whip and have the whip of virtually any diameter.  With paracord the whips diameter tells you what the starting and ending plait count will be.

2. Tears up my hands.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten blisters from plaiting, but my hands have them today and they are sore!

So the big question for me is will I make another paracord whip?  I guess so.  I’m going to probably tweak my design a bit to see if I can dial it in to where I’d like the whip to be.  I just ordered some paracord from UBraidIt: and use the coupon code MAY14 which is good for 10% off till June 7th.

We’ll see if the future has more than a handful of paracord whips in it for me….