Signal Whip and Bullwhip

Signal Whip and Bullwhip

The four foot 12 plait signal whip is finished and I’ll be listing it on my IN STOCK Whips page shortly.  Here’s  a picture of the single tail signal whip:

Signal whip

I’ve also started work on a 10 foot 12 plait bullwhip.  Yesterday I finished the core, inner belly, inner bolster and braided about a foot of the outer belly.  Here’s a picture of the finished inner belly:

bullwhip 12 plait whip

I have no shows today and I’m hoping I’ll find time to get the overlay finished today (but something will probably come up and I won’t).

Here’s a  picture of my two main bullwhips that I perform with:


The top bullwhip (natural tan) is a four foot “lil Indy” bullwhip made by Paul Nolan.  I’ve had that whip forever!  The black bullwhip is a four foot 4 plait bullwhip that I made for a specific trick that I do where the thong takes a bit of abuse.