Make a Bullwhip DVD

This DVD teaches you how to make a 4 plait cowhide bullwhip with a plaited belly. The video is almost 2 1/2 hours of learn, where you are taken step by step through the whip making process.

All of the materials used are available at your local hardware store, grocery store and Tandy Leather Factory. Also included is a shopping list with the item number for the Tandy Leather Factory items, so if you don’t have a local Tandy, you can order supplies online easily!

You will learn:
*How to cut leather
*How to pare leather
*How to make crackers
*How to make plaiting soap
*How to tie a turkshead knot
*How to do a 4 plait round braid

I’m an “Urban” whip maker meaning I don’t have a huge shop or garage where I make my whips.  To prove the point you don’t need a formal workshop, I recorded the whip making process while I was travelling in hotel rooms!

The DVD is a simple one camera shoot from a tripod while I made bullwhip.  However if you want to see a bullwhip made from start to finish with my commentary on plaiting and whip making, that takes you step by step through making your first bullwhip then this is for you!

The Make a Bullwhip DVD $30 $20 with FREE worldwide shipping!

** whips are not toys and this kit is for sale to people ages 18 and up. The user assumes all risk for the use or misuse of this whip. DO NOT hit anything or anyone with the whip or hang from it. Always use eye, ear, and body protection when using a whip. The user assumes all risk for the use or misuse of this stock whip kit and the stock whip made from it.