Indiana Jones Style Bullwhips

The Indy Style bullwhips are made in the style of the bullwhip used in the Indiana Jones movies. These bullwhips are available in lengths of 6 – 8 – 10 -12 feet.

This bullwhip has an 8 inch lead loaded handle, leather core, two plaited kangaroo bellies, two leather bolsters and a 12 plait kangaroo overlay.

These Indy Style bullwhips feature all the visual characteristics of this iconic bullwhip:
* Correct turkshead knots
* Single diamond pattern on the handle
* 12 plait lash that ends in a 6 plait point
* 6 plait wrist loop
* White hide fall

indiana jones style bullwhip

6 foot bullwhip $480 includes FREE worldwide shipping

8 foot bullwhip $545 includes FREE worldwide shipping 

10 foot bullwhip $655  includes FREE worldwide shipping

12 foot bullwhip $770 includes FREE worldwide shipping 

Included with each Indy Style bullwhip are 5 extra crackers.

This bullwhip is made to order.

** Bullwhips are not toys and for sale to people ages 18 and up. The user assumes all risk for the use or misuse of this bullwhip. DO NOT hit anything or anyone with the bullwhip or hang from it. Always use eye, ear, and body protection when using a bullwhip.

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