5.5 Foot Stock Whip Kit

This stock whip kit is a complete 5.5 foot stock whip that’s unassembled and comes with a DVD taking you step by step through the making process!
Stock whip
Included in this stock whip kit is:
* All the precut leather (handle, lash, fall, knots, etc) which has also been pre beveled!
* Leather dressing
* Cane handle
* String (2 types)
* Crackers
* Instructional DVD with over 90 minutes taking you step by step through the whip making process.
stock whip kit

“I received the stockwhip kit about 12 days ago and it is great! Your dvd was very clear,easy to follow and filled with a number of tips that can be used outside of whip making….your kit is the best value in materials and information on the net” – Orlando Duke

The stock whip pictured on the left is the actual stockwhip made in the DVD and click the play button below for a preview of the DVD:

You’ll learn how to:

* Do a 4 plait round braid
* Do an 8 plait round braid
* Fix a strand if it breaks
* Attach a fall and cracker
* and much more!

I’m an “Urban” whip maker meaning I don’t have a huge shop or garage that I make whips in. I do all my plaiting in my condo in a fairly small space, so the DVD shows that just because you don’t have a formal shop doesn’t mean you can’t make a great whip.

The DVD is a simple one camera shoot from a tripod while I made the stock whip pictured on the left. If you are expecting an 8 camera hollywood feature, don’t order this! However if you want to see a stock whip made from start to finish with my commentary on plaiting taking step by step through making your first stock whip then this is for you!

The 5.5 Foot Stock Whip Kit is $127.50 with FREE worldwide shipping!

** whips are not toys and this kit is for sale to people ages 18 and up. The user assumes all risk for the use or misuse of this whip. DO NOT hit anything or anyone with the whip or hang from it. Always use eye, ear, and body protection when using a whip. The user assumes all risk for the use or misuse of this stock whip kit and the stock whip made from it.

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