David Morgan Visit…

David Morgan Visit…

Yesterday I had about an hour and a half to kill between shows, so I had a brief visit with David Morgan.   I drove about 35 minutes each way and spent about 20  minutes with him (it was worth the trip…but it always is).

Morgan had an article in the Seattle Times newspaper yesterday http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/movies/2004420382_whipmaker19.html

david morgan - bullwhips

10 foot indy whip

David and I cracked the whip above in his shop yesterday.

whipmaking - david morgan

David and I talked about bullwhips, signal whips and stockwhips.  It was a jam packed 20 minutes!  I also picked up an 85dm black kangaroo hide for a pair of stockwhips I’m going to make.  The last stockwhip I made was about a year ago, and I have an 8 foot stockwhip that I started about a year ago and never finished.  I’ll probably finish the 8 foot before I start on the pair.  The pair will be 5-6 feet long.

I’m off to Portland Oregon for the day to perform 5 shows.


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