Plaited Kangaroo Apple Watch Band

Plaited Kangaroo Apple Watch Band

Now for the actual making of the Apple Watch band.  The first step was to get some connectors to attach the watch face to the watch band.  I got these on Amazon:
apple watch connector

The watch band buckle came from a local leather shop.

I cut out the flat part and did the edge braiding.  The flat part is actually two pieces of kangaroo skin, they are glued together on the flesh side. Then I did the braiding that would make up the actual watch band.  I used the Pyramid pattern I found in a Ron Edwards book called  Little Snake:

All of the Ron Edwards books are great, and are worth checking out.

ron edwards plaiting book

Here’s the finished watch:

Plaited kangaroo apple watch band
Plaited kangaroo apple watch band

I like, and I get a lot of compliments on it!


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