Back to Bullwhip Making…

Back to Bullwhip Making…

I’m back from my trip to Oregon.  On the way there I got stuck in traffic when the freeway was closed due to a big car accident.  While I was sitting in traffic I managed to cut out and plait a 6 plait natural tan wrist loop.  I had a bit of a hide in my car and one of my blades, so it worked out well.

Tonight I’m going to finish up the last foot of plaiting on a 6 foot KotCS bullwhip (hopefully) and tomorrow I’ll finish cutting out the overlay for an 8 foot Morgan Indy Style bullwhip.

also I’m experimenting with two different ways to shape falls.  I just took them out of the “goo” so we’ll see how they turn out.

I’m also making a bullwhip for retired magician (Stan Kramien) that used to have a HUGE touring magic show.  He saw my bullwhip act over the weekend.  He used to do a bullwhip act, so I’m making him a 4 foot.  He can’t stand for too long, so it needs to be something he can use sitting.


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