10 foot KotCS Bullwhip

10 foot KotCS Bullwhip

This bullwhip has gone a bit faster than I expected it to. All that is left is for me to tie the transition knot and shellac it. Below is a picture of the whip with both bellies plaited, but the last bolster hasn’t been added.

two plaited bellies

I’m almost out of kangaroo skins, I have a few left, but more should be arrive on Friday. I need to look at what I have on hand and mentally calculate what I can make. I know I have at least an 8 foot in natural, and maybe enough for another 8 foot KotCS (but at least a 6 foot KotCS).

On Friday I’ll be out of town in the Portland area, so no work on whips will be done from Friday to Sunday.

Yesterday I got some whipcracking in, lately the weather has been horrible. I got some test cracks in with the 10 foot KotCS as well and some more two handed practice in. Here’s me giving the 10 foot a few cracks (before I had put the knots on)!

The method I’m using to attach the lead to the base of the handle has gotten a lot better. I’m using several tips from Joe Strain and it’s giving me a knot foundation that doesn’t have any wiggle.