Huge Kangaroo Hide…

Huge Kangaroo Hide…

Yesterday I picked up a Veg Tanned Drum Stuffed Kangaroo hide from David Morgan.  This kangaroo hide was huge, it’s 92 decimeters!

kangaroo hide for whipmaking

I used this hide for the two bellies and 1/2 of the overlay for the bullwhip kit that I made for someone.  with a bit of luck there will be enough left for a 10 foot bullwhip…there’s at least enough left for an 8 foot.

Speaking of a 10 foot whip, today I’m going to start plaiting the overlay of the 10 foot KotCS style bullwhip.  I’m figuring that will take a couple of hours to do.

I haven’t found a good way to keep the lace from tangling while plaiting longer whips.  I’ve tried tying the ends in “Tamales” as Bruce Grant calls them in his book, but I find those just make the problem worse.  Right now I’m plaiting the overlay and every so often I just pull the strands out one at a time to untangle them.  It works, but I bet there’s a better way…but maybe not.