10 foot bullwhip and precut whips…

10 foot bullwhip and precut whips…

Yesterday I plaited the first belly of the 10 foot KotCS bullwhip and have the overlay cut out.  Today I should at least get the bolsters finished and the second belly finished.

As I start making this whip it reminds me of something another whipmaker told me that when I was making my first (and only other 10 foot bullwhip).  He said, “I like the idea of a 10 foot bullwhip…“, I interpreted that as meaning that a 10 foot bullwhip is a bit of a grind to make.  The extra two feet translates to a lot of extra work.

Also someone over the weekend emailed me to ask me if I could make them a bullwhip kit where I cut out the lace for them and then they assembled it.  It’s something that I can do and am cutting out a whip for them.

The cost for it varies depending on a lot of things, like how much materials you need.  If you need just the leather it’s a bit cheaper than if you need plaiting soap, lead, handle foundation, and sinew for binding.  Also the length of the finished whip and amount of instruction you need will effect the cost.

For more info on pricing for a bullwhip kit, click here to contact me!

I’d rather just make the whole bullwhip for your, but if you want just the lace let me know.

Also I’ve almost finished a 4 foot red kangaroo bullwhip and I’ll post pictures of it soon.