10 footy Bullwhip in the Hopper…

10 footy Bullwhip in the Hopper…

Today I started cutting out the set for a 10 foot 12 plait bullwhip that is going to be in the KotCS style. I’ve got the two bellies cut out and a bit of the overlay started. A

10 foot bullwhip set

I still need to stretch, cut and split the two bellies.

Also I’m plaiting the overlay of a 4 foot bullwhip. The four foot red kangaroo bullwhip has a spring steel handle and will have a much slimmer profile than most of my whips.

Earlier today I finished a 6 foot Indy Bullwhip (Morgan style) and I’ll try to take a picture of it tomorrow. Somehow my knots had declined in look compared to how David Morgan makes his. Then I got a couple of tips from Paul Nolan and now my knots look much better.

I think there was a combination of things that made my knots look “flat”, I was using a thinner sinew, and technique. So I switched to a thicker sinew and tweaked my technique and the knots are nice and indy shaped now.