Making a Six Foot Bullwhip

Making a Six Foot Bullwhip

Right now I’m working on a six foot 12 plait bullwhip in natural tan kangaroo.  I had some natural tan in stock, so I didn’t need to drive up to David Morgan to pick up a kangaroo skin.  I’m using a 57dm skin, however I also found a belly that I had cut out  a while ago for something else, but for whatever reason didn’t use in black kangaroo.  Since this will be in the inside of the whip you won’t see it.

bull whip

Currently I have both bellies and bolsters finished.

bull whip

Next up is to put some lead on for the knot foundation on get to work on the overlay.

People always ask how I can cut out the overlay before I’ve got the inner layers finished. It’s pretty simple, I know about what the strand widths should be and cut them a smidge wider than that.  I then will resize them once the inner layers are finished.

On the surface it sounds like it’s more work than cutting it later, however it actually saves me time.  By doing all of one task at the same time (i.e. strand cutting) it saves time in set up and clean up.  Regardless of what point I cut the strands they still need to pared which also accomplishes the resizing.

The more I make whips, the more I’m looking for ways to save time…not cut corners, but to save time by eliminating steps that are duplicate, like sweeping the floor twice or putting away the leather only to take it back out an hour later. While these are small amounts of time, when you add them all up they can add up to a decent chunk of time.



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