Making Lot’s of Bullwhips…

Making Lot’s of Bullwhips…

One thing I’ve learned in the past about making big orders of bullwhips is the importance of stretching before you start plaiting.  For example yesterday I braided the insides and outsides of two six foot bullwhips, so that over 20 feet of plaiting!  My hands and arms are tired, however without doing a bit of stretching before braiding they’d be a lot more sore!

It’s not just the braiding, but the cutting and pretty much anything will wear out your hands, and I can’t lose time as I have a deadline for this order, so I can’t be out of work for a day or two because my hands are sore.

The other thing about making these whips is looking to have productive time that is a different task with my hands. So cutting is using my hands differently than plaiting which is different than rolling whips.

This is a hard balancing act as to save time it’s easier to do things Assembly Line Style.  So I try to do all of one task at a time.  It saves it set up and clean up time, as well as you get much faster at a particular task when you aren’t constantly changing gears.

Today should be the last day of plaiting overlays for the six bullwhips!  Tomorrow my hands will get a plaiting break as I get to work on the knots and making the handles for the stock whips!


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