I just got started working on some bullwhips and some stockwhips.  I didn’t have enough kangaroo skins for the order, so I headed up to David Morgan to pick up some kangaroo:

kangaroo for making whips

I picked up a dozen kangaroo skins for the whips.  I got started on the bullwhips by making the cores (and plaiting one belly):

bull whip core

I’ve already got all the bolsters cut out. The next step is to get work on the cutting out the braided parts.

For larger orders like this to save time I try to work “production line” style.  Trying to do all of one thing for all the whips at the same time.  So I’ll cut out all the cores at the same time. Then I’ll attach them all at the same time. It saves a lot of time and mentally if I’m in a groove, I don’t get out of it by switching mental gears to another task.


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