Honesty in Condition of Whips for Sale…

Honesty in Condition of Whips for Sale…

Recently this ad for bullwhip someone is trying to sell crossed my path:

Vintage Braided Leather Bullwhip$25 (Madison)


Vintage Braided Leather Bullwhip
Great Condition, A little wear
60″ Long

This was a Craigslist ad (view it here) and I’m hoping the person has never seen a whip before in their life if they think it’s in “Great Condition” and that the end being blown off is “A little wear”.

However the plus side is that it’s only $25 bucks.  If it was in my local area, I’d probably try to get it for $15 – $20 and take it apart to see how it was built.  There’s probably no surprises in there, but I’d drop $20 on it as a learning experience.



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