Signal Whip

Signal Whip

I just finished a 3 foot signal whip (AKA single tail whip).

signal whip

A signal whip is different from a bullwhip in several ways.  A signal whip doesn’t have a rigid handle, it’s flexible.  It doesn’t have a fall and the popper is braided into the end of the whip. They are also measured differently, a signal whip that is 3 feet long, is actually 3 feet long. Where with a bullwhip the fall and cracker isn’t included in the measurement, so a 6 foot bullwhip is closer to 8 feet long.

These differences make signal whips ideal for indoor use.

I don’t have a category for signal whips to order simply because most people want something fairly specific and I would say most of the signal whips I’ve made were custom orders. If you’d like a signal whip, feel free to contact me with what you want and I’ll send you out a price quote.


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