2 thoughts on “6 foot bullwhip

    1. The thickness of the leather doesn’t really matter within a normal range (i.e. not paper thin or 1/4 inch thick). What the thickness will do is as it’s layered into the whip it will give you a bigger or smaller diameter whip in the end. Thicker kangaroo skin can give you a more texture to the finished whip. Also if you know the whip is going to get dragged around a lot a thicker kangaroo can give the whip a little more durablity.

      What I’d recommend is talking to your leather supplier and figure out what their range of thickness is for the sizes they have. Usually it’s something like: Light, medium and heavy.
      Order one skin of each, make 3 whips and see what appeals to you more.

      Personally I like the medium skins that David Morgan sells for most whips, however there are some where I use the heavy or light.


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