Whip Progress and a Fall Replacement…

Whip Progress and a Fall Replacement…

Yesterday I got a bit of plaiting in on the 4 foot bullwhip before I had to stop to take a break to let me wrist rest.  Luckily this is only a four foot whip and I started work on it ahead of schedule, so with a bit of luck it will only be a day or two late shipping out.

While I was giving myself a break from plaiting I had a whip come in for a fall replacement. ¬† Here’s the whip without a fall attached (but one with the point threaded through the fall):


And here’s the whip ready for action again:

Bull whip

If you’ve got a whip that needs a new fall, or a repair you can get more info about those services at:¬†http://bullwhips.org/?page_id=7409



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