Trimming a Kangaroo Skin

Trimming a Kangaroo Skin

Yesterday I got the kangaroo skin trimmed and the core of the whip attached to the handle.  I hurt my left wrist on Friday, so work on this whip will be going slower than normal as I can’t do much before it gets very painful.

Here’s the initial trim of the skin:

bullwhip kangaroo

The purpose of this is to simply take off the jagged edges of the skin.  This gives me smoother edges to cut around.  Then I cut out the two bellies:

whip kangaroo

These two bellies are for two different 4 foot whips.  I bought a kangaroo skin that would make two whips.

Next today is hopefully getting the belly and bolsters of the first whip finished (before my wrist starts hurting too bad).


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